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Cityslicker promo code 2019 & promotions overview >>

Cityslicker promo code & discounts

Cityslicker promo code

Discover CitySlicker.co.za and enjoy discounts up to 70% on lovely experiences!

CitySlicker discounts

CitySlicker, a daily deal specialist offers products with discounts up to 70%. Sometimes they give away a CitySlicker promo code, with this promotional code you receive an additional discount on your order.

How to redeem this CitySlicker promo code? Just go through your order process, select the product you want to order, go the overview page of your basket. There you have the possibility to redeem a promotional code.

First click on ‘redeem promotional’ code, fill in the promo code and afterwards click on ‘redeem’. Immediately your discount is added to your basket and you enjoy an extra discount.

Cityslicker promo code

Redeem your Cityslicker promo code


CitySlicker.co.za provides exclusive offers with discounts up to 70% off spas, travel getaways, restaurants and sports events. You can compare them with Groupon, one of the largest daily deals websites in the world.

They can offer such low prices because they have negotiated the price based on a large number of customers.  You can easily search for local or national deals. They cover all major South African cities.

Curious? Take a look at Cityslicker.co.za and discover the great offers with large discounts.

You need inspiration for a gift? CitySlickers offer such a lot of nice experiences that you will sure find a nice present to make to someone happy.

If you have any questions about a certain deal or offer you can send an email with all your inquiries and CitySlicker will rapidly respond.

As told, with the CitySlicker promo code you can receive an extra discount, visit Promo-Code.co.za before ordering and look if we can offer you a promotional code.